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Extreme Legend Sparkles                                          Head Coach: Tiffany Stone

Extreme Legend Sparkles was founded in 2010 . This program was specifically designed for our cheerleaders with special needs, and is totally funded by the fundraising efforts of the parents involved. The program is run by an amazing group of parental volunteers, coaches, and Legend All-Star volunteers. Featured on Fox 5 in 2012, the program quickly grew from about 12 members to 16 members and 18 volunteers! Practices, competitions and events are organized by the head coach the team mom is Sherri Dickens!

Coaches Update

Ron was nominated by his peers as our 2014-2015 NO Bully task force representative and will be featured in the Atlanta Cheer magazine along with other team members across the Nation! We are so excited Ron has this opportunity to reach out to area youth by using his voice, stories, experiences and show everyone what a positive experience competitive cheerleading has been for him!​

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Click on the DONATE button above to make a donation from this page directly to our Legend Sparkles 501-c3 ,to help our Sparkles on the journey to competition success!

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