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We are delighted you have chosen the Legend All-Stars to meet the needs of your cheerleader! Our competitive coaching staff is working hard to ensure your family has a wonderful competitive experience! We pride ourselves on teaching all skill level abilities in a fun, high energy learning environment! One thing our families love is how close our teams become throughout the season. We are an all inclusive gym and believe in training every athlete to their maximum potential. We encourage individual growth and team unity. With having over 125 competitive athletes among 9 All-Star teams, we are a Division 1 gym and compete using the THE OPEN scoring and rubrics for sport education. Each year our elite travel teams are invited to attend one of the many OPEN Championships around the United States and this season, our teams will finish at The Open Championships in Universal Studios Orlando!
Our 2022-2023 Teams are full, 2023-2024 Try Out Info is available below!

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