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Legend Trampoline & Tumbling Team

What is T&T:  T&T also known as Trampoline & Tumbling is a competitive sport, with Trampoline being an Olympic Event! T&T consists of three competitive events: trampoline, double mini trampoline, and rod floor. Athletes can compete on one or all three events, and mobilize on each event independently. This event mobilization allows athletes to progress faster on the event(s) that they are most successful at. USTA, and USAG, our sports governing bodies offer college and elite training scholarships to athletes achieving very high scores at Nationals and the Jr. Olympics each year. Trampoline and tumbling is an individual sport and athletes performing routines at competitions are judged as so.


About the Events:

    Trampoline: Athletes will practice and perform skill level routines involving ten bounces to the feet, back, and belly. At each level, athletes will have certain required skills they must demonstrate in a routine, and the remaining skills will be a showcase of their best ability. Athletes at the sub advanced and advanced levels can also perform synchronized trampoline routines where two athletes perform the same skill elements on different trampolines for a judges score. Trampoline athletes are perform one routine at competition and they are judged on these elements: jump height, control of skills, arm, head and hip placements during skills, correct jump technique, and they will receive difficulty awards for performing advanced skills in each routine.

        Double Mini Trampoline: The double mini trampoline is very similar to artistic gymnastics vault...without hands. Athletes will begin with a run, mount the trampoline with a straight body control jump or a mounter somersault, perform an additional jump or somersault in the middle of the trampoline bed, and perform a dismounter skill to a stuck landing. Athletes perform three skill level appropriate passes per competition, receiving difficulty scores for advanced skills.

       Rod Floor Tumbling: Power tumbling athletes perform two passes at competition consisting of two to eight skills performed on a fiberglass 120' power rod floor. At the advanced levels, a matted landing zone is offered for safely landing twisting skills, doubles, and twisting doubles. Athletes are judged on speed of tumbling, tumbling technique, skill execution, height of final skill, and stuck landings. Difficulty is awarded to athletes performing advanced skill level skills and reversals.


Current Practice Schedule

Monday 5-6:30


2023-2024 Competition Schedule

 8/25: Flight Camp-Chatanooga

10/21: Culprit Cup-Ringgold, GA

Jan tba: Ozone Invitational-Knoxville

More events TBA!

T&T is an individual sport, you can choose the practices and competitions you wish to attend. Tuition is calculated based on the practice schedule you choose and competition entry fees are calculated based on the events entered at each competition. Athletes attending the State meet each year have the option to continue on to compete at the National and/or Jr Olympic level.
Contact Program Director: Tiffany Stone
for details on becoming involved with Legend T&T!

Power tumbling & trampoline offers numerous competitive levels, from the very beginner to the elite. Athletes can start at any level and compete up to any age! Our youngest Extreme T&T athlete began at 3 years old, and our oldest trampoline jumper is 43 years old! T&T is a whole body sport that offers something for every competitor!

T&T is great for young athletes hoping to get into sports such as diving, or pole vault during their high school years. T&T is also great for athletes that have retired from gymnastics or cheer, or those looking to supplement higher level tumbling and have the desire to compete and keep up their skills! All sports athletes can benefit from Power Tumbling & Trampoline! 

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