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Core Class Descriptions
Tumbling Classes


Parent & Tot Playgroup: our parent & tot class is an instructor lead exploratory gymnastics class for toddlers to become familiar with the gymnastics environment. Class lasts for 45 minutes and meets once per week. The fee is $30 per month. Parents and their tots explore together in the gym environment and perform skills on the tumbling apparatus, pit, and trampoline. This class is for children under 3 years and will prepare little athletes to venture into a class, without the help of mom or dad, by the time they are 4 years old. Having a parent or caregiver participate with the child encourages independence and exploration. As these mini athletes develop they will become comfortable with the gym, equipment and instructors. Music games, coordination games and tumbling skills will be introduced each class. Bring your toddler to our afternoon class or schedule your whole playgroup for a morning class adventure!

Daycare and playgroups pay just $5 per participant, per class!

All Levels Adult Tumble
For athletes 16+, our adult class is designed to help
college or adult athletes train skill they specifically wish to learn. Whether it be a cartwheel or a full twisting layout, our club and staff can provide you with the training tools, equipment and spotting techniques needed to achieve 
your goals! Adult class meets once per week for one hour.​

Tumble Tykes: we offer two different preschool tumbling classes for your tiny tumbler. Each toddler tumbling class meets once a week for 45 minutes and is for young tumblers 3 years to 5 years old. Our Upsidedowner class is structured for our 3 -4 year olds just learning to roll, cartwheel and get upsidedown!  Our 4-5 year olds begin learning gymnastics terminology and perform tumbling obstacles, this class is appropriately named the Handspringers class! Athletes in these classes will also use our mini beam and single bar to perform balancing and strength skills during classes.



Jr. Advanced Tumble: Junior Advanced Tumblers are ages 6 years to 10 years and practice once a week for an hour. This group of athletes has strong basics, including handstands, roundoffs and bridge kickovers, and are ready to perform backhandsprings. Each class, students will go over basics skills and practice drills for backhandsprings. Some athletes at this level begin connecting the roundoff  backhandspring and will begin to work tucks.

Jr. Tumble: Junior Tumble participants are 5 years old to 9 years old and will be working
on all beginner tumbling skills from the front roll to the handstand. This class will practice once a week for one hour. Forward and backward somersaults, bridge downs, bridge kickovers, handstands, front limbers, cartwheels and roundoffs are just a few of the very important skills that athletes will learn. Athletes will practice strength and flexibility moves to promote muscle growth and elasticity. 

Level 1

(Silver 1 Tumble)
For athletes 11+, this beginner
level is for all new tumblers.
Students in this class will work
on basic progressions: forward
rolls, backward rolls, handstands
and numerous handstand drills,
front limbers, cartwheels,
roundoffs, and begin back
handspring progressions using
drill stations and assistance
trainers and matting. Strength
and flexibility will be instructed
each class and staff will assist
each student with hands on
spotting techniques to ensure
proper body alignment and
muscle memory. Jumps, motions
and other strength and flexibility
skills will also be taught.

Level 2

(Silver 2 Tumble)
For athletes 11+, the Silver
tumble class will require
athletes to know all of the
level 1 beginner skills so that
focus can be placed on
teaching new skills such as:
dive rolls, front walkovers,
back walkovers, multiple and
various cartwheels, standing
back handsprings on the floor
surface, roundoff back
handspring connections from
standing, power hurdle and a
two step entry. Multiple and
various jump connections,
motions, strength,
conditioning and flexibility will
also be taught each class
Athletes must have all Level 2
skills to progress to Level 3
(Gold) class.

Level 3

(Gold Tumble)
For athletes 11+, and/or
athletes meeting the level 1
and level 2 skills
requirements, this class will
focus on front and back
handspring connections,
multiple back handspring
connections, jump tumbling
connections, multiple back
handspring connections from
a roundoff and front
handspring to roundoff entry,
back handspring step out and
onodi tumbling connections,
and begin to work
progressions towards the
back tuck. Drill and staff
spotting stations will be used
for the instruction of the back
tuck and front tuck.
Athletes must have all Levels
1-3 skills to progress to Level
4 (Intermediate) class.

Level 5

(Advanced Tumble)
Athletes at this level must have all level 1-4 requirements including the punch front, standing back tuck, running pass that finishes to a layout, and the ability to connect various tumbling skills from a two step hurdle. Students in this class will work on
running passes to include whips, punch fronts, arabians, and full twisting

Level 4 (IntermediateTumble)
Our Intermediate tumblers have
strong back handsprings, multiple
back handspring connections and
back tuck basics. This class will work
on perfecting the standing back tuck,
roundoff back tuck, running
connections that end in back tucks or
tumble out of back tucks and front
and side tumbling skill connections
involving aerials, punch fronts, punch
front step outs, and the arabian.
Students in this class having the
skills above will begin to work on
whips and layouts and developing
the skills needed to begin twisting
somersaults. Athletes must have all
level 1-3 skills, plus the punch front,
standing back tuck, roundoff tuck,
roundoff back handspring tuck, and
be able to connect a three to four skill
tumbling pass in order to progress to
the Level 5 (Advanced) class.

Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T PROGRAM)

Swivels T&T: Designed for our beginning jumpers ages 3-4, our swivels class works on beginner skills on all three T&T events.


Flippers T&T: The Flippers trampoline & tumbling class is designed for 5-8 year olds who are learning to jump safely while perfecting body positions such as tuck, straddle, pike, full turn, and seat drop. Other trampoline skills, beginning front tuck flipping skills, and drops to the back and belly will be taught. Althetes will work on all three T&T apparatus, the trampoline, double mini trampoline, and rod floor.


Twisters T&T: Our twisters are ages 7-12 and focus on the same beginner and intermediate skills as our flippers class. When an athlete has mastered the intermediate level of skills, he/she may be invited to join the Flight Crew Competition T&T team that competes for Olympic Gold!


Boys T&T: Our boys class is for guys 6+ and is designed just for our energetic jumpers that wish to perfect all of their somersaulting and twisting skills on the three T&T events!


Gymnastics I: This level of gymnastics is currently offered for 6 to 10 year olds working beginner gymnastics skills. Floor tumbling, bar strength skills, balance beam, and beginner vaulting skills will be taught each practice.

Gymnastics II: This level of gymnastics is for 6-10 year olds working intermediate gymnastics skills. A prerequisite is a roundoff backhandspring. All events will be practiced as well as flexibility and conditioning to promote total body strength for progression on all four artistic gymnastics events.

XMA Tumbling & Tricking (Superhero Training Class)

Xtreme Martial Arts aka, tricking! Made famous by the Power Rangers in the 80’s, XMA is a combination of elements from martial arts, acrobatics and gymnastics, with an emphasis on showmanship. The concept of adding gymnastics-like tumbling moves to elements of traditional martial arts is otherwise known as "tricking". XMA makes these exhibition moves the focus of the sport. Open hand and weapons choreography are often accompanied by dramatic dance or programmatic music. Many of the moves are high-flying aerial acrobatic maneuvers. These stunning movements attain the goal of capturing the crowd, improving physical agility, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance, as well as performing an artistic display of talent. The goal is to command the attention of the audience for exhibition, competition or film.

Our XMA students have the benefit of utilizing all of the gymnastics training equipment and apparatus to enhance their aerial skills and acrobatic maneuvers!.​ Classes are for 6 years and up and meet once per week for an hour!

Ninja Classes

Our Ninja Kids and Ninja Jr classes meet once per week for an hour and work on floor tumbling skills, trampoline skills, plyometrics, conditioning, swinging bar skills and acrobatics that will enable them to maneuver through our ninja parkour course! Ninja athletes will need tennis shoes for the ninja course to master the rock wall, warp wall, spider climb, rope net, angle box jumps, and monkey bars!

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