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We offer upstairs viewing parents and spectators, and downstairs seating for handicapped guests. Upstairs viewing room complete with comfortable chairs, tables and homework stations, and bleachers.  Younger siblings, not in classes, need to remain with parents at all times.

Two dance studio rooms operated by Integrity Dance Academy!

Fully equipped power tumbling and cheerleading gym featuring a 54x42 foot spring floor, 20x42 high school tumbling floor, 20x20 high school cheer practice  area,  40 foot tumble track to resi landing mat and 25x25 loose foam pit, 120 foot power tumbling Ross rod floor and landing zone, side by side 7x14 in-ground Aussie competition trampolines, competition Euro double mini trampoline, preschool and beginner gymnastics gym complete with single bar, low beam, rope climb, fundamental learning shape matting, and skill shapes, fitness and conditioning equipment including ankle weights, TRX, stall bars, tether bands, balance disc and stunt stands for cheer stunting, plyometric training blocks, and cardio boxing equipment. A ninja training course for our Ninja Extreme athletes includes 2 warp walls, spider wall, monkey bars, rock climbing area, parkour bars, rope climb, angled steps, cargo net and super jump!  Cubbies, Gatorade machine and snack machine on site for athletes and spectators.



Coach Katie is a Mountain View graduate, who now enjoys coaching and running her own pet sitting business! Katie has been involved with gymnastics and power tumbling since the age of 3, starting in parent and tot class! She made the move from gymnastics to power tumbling to advance her tumbling skills. She soon discovered All-Star Cheerleading, making her first Legend All-Star team at 11 years old and cheering until she aged out of the Senior division at 18. Katie kept up with her vigorous sports schedules competing in power tumbling and cheerleading at The Extreme Gym and her senior year, she also took a spot on her high school competitive team! Now, she has also expanded her athletic knowledge to include Krav Maga where she holds a black belt and and instructor certification.

We are glad Katie has returned home to the Extreme Gym to share her passion of tumbling and overall fitness with our Extreme kids! You will see Coach Katie assisting with classes and Power Tumbling team as her motto is: "Floor is my favorite!"


With a background in tumbling, parkour, tricking and stunting, Coach Jack is ready to share his knowledge of aerial arts with all Extreme athletes! Focused on growing athletic abilities with tumblers of all ages, he develops each child from the inside out with a primary focus on discipline first! A husband and father, he strives to ensure athletes feel cared for, safe and focused during activities and when they succeed, he celebrates every victory! 

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